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Tom Hood


Great stuff! Thanks for organizing and sharing this. We are seeing CPAs leveraging these social media tools in lots of ways - thought leadership, PR, relationship development, and recruitment. I like the slices by generation and would add that the average social network of accounting seniors is now around 1,000 contacts!

This is not a passing fad and as Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics says, the ROI of social media is that you will still be on business in five years...


Bob Daugherty

Is there a count of how many respondants you surveyed? Your into states "I surveyed hundreds....". Would be nice to have the number to give sufficient weight to the surevey. Helps me get our staff to read it and take it more seriously.

great survey, thanks

Barry MacQuarrie

Bob - Thanks for the feedback. We had 522 people participate in the survey.

Bill Sheridan

Barry, your research is a huge benefit! The reviews from your session at the Communications FOOD Group in February were off the charts. Clearly, there is a need for this type of information within the profession. Thanks for providing it!

Barry MacQuarrie

Thanks, Bill. We will be launching our 2011 social media survey after tax season. If you would like to receive an invitation, please click

Joann David-Parrilla

Hi Barry, Thanks for providing the results of the recent survey and providing the comparative data. What a difference a year makes! I believe that as we continue to educate our peers through webcasts, articles and discussions, the viral reach of our accounting professionals will continue to expand.

Barry MacQuarrie

Thanks, Joann. I agree that education and discussions will continue to be important.

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